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Cinnamon cake and bay leaf ice cream



This baby is amazing and the ice cream is delicious like nothing else, simple by nature as it is traditional vanilla ice cream infused with bay leaf, the result giving a complexity of flavour that will keep you going back for more.

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Halibut on the rocks



Pan-seared halibut, squid-ink gnocchi, white wine and scallion sauce. It looks simple, but it is just a delightful way to showcase amazing fish and the craftsmanship of gnocchi.

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Traditional cassoulet of white beans, pulled confit leg of duck, baked pork belly.

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Salade “Lyonnaise”


A Lyonnaise inspired salad with frissee, lardons, sauteed asparagus and a soft poached egg. A true all-day-breakfast lovers delight.

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Lobster Boudin


We added this puppy to the menu yesterday. The inspiration came from my good friend who is studying in France at the Cordon Bleu and posted a pic of a French-made lobster boudin (sausage). This one is a little more rustic in style but nonetheless amazing. There are no flour fillers, only seafood-y goodness and a whole lot of love.

He is serving this marveille with a lemon tarragon sauce and creamy leeks.

Woop! woop!!

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