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Beef carpaccio, gruyère, mushroom, caramelized onion. 


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lamb shoulder, barley and mushroom pilaf, jus


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Charred scallion pappardelle and duck meat balls



Say whaaaaat?!

This dish is insane: hand made pappardelle, duck meat balls made from duck breast, mushroom and tomato ragout and duck skin crackling garnish. So much flavour and such good textures, it is definitely one of my all-time favs.

Hand made pasta is honestly one of those things that absolutely cannot be mimicked; fresh pasta has an almost ethereal texture that is light enough to be barely there and yet strong enough to give the most satisfying biting texture. Fresh pasta honours the craftsmanship of its making with every bite and it never fails to showcase the labour put into it.

Even though I don’t particularly love duck breast when it’s done medium rare in an ‘à l’orange’ style, the meatballs are amazing; made from house ground duck breast and an assortment of delightfully tangy spices, topped off with a savoury tomato and mushroom ragout… it doesn’t get any better. Except it does! duck crackling !!!! or as I like to call it, duck CHICHARRON. Deep fried (or in this case, baked) animal skin makes me happy in many levels: in Mexico, chicharron (or deep fried pig skin) is a staple dish that can be used as appetizer or a main, a crunchy, salty, fatty piece of goodness that I have been indulging in since I was a little girl. More people should try it, maybe everybody should try it. Go on! get some!


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